? - Litter 2014

Thinking about names :-) 

K- Litter Born 2013

Wolfmark Knock Your Socks Off

Wolfmark Kickstart your Hart

C-Litter Born 2011

Wolfmark Call me Classy

Wolfmark Cant get Enough

Wolfmark Candy Girl

Wolfmark Custom made

Wolfmark Current Edition

Wolfmark Celebrity of the Year


 S-Litter Born 2010-02-11
Wolfmark So Far So good
Wolfmark Son of a Gun
Wolfmark She´s all that
Wolfmark Silver Bullet Baby


B-Litter Born 2008-09-27

Wolfmark Born to be WILD -

Wolfmark Bark at the moon - Owner Veronica Sund

Wolfmark Basic Instinct - Owner Johan Alfredsson


E-Litter Born 2006-01-07

Wolfmark Extra Terrestrial Edition -

Wolfmark Expect No Less - Owner Veronica Sund

Wolfmark Enemy of the state - Owner Sofia Esberg

Wolfmark Eternal Flame  - Owner Lina Person


D-Litter Born 2005-01-15

Ch Wolfmark Double-O-Seven

Ch Wolfmark Dolce-Vita

Ch Wolfmark Diamond-n-Dust

Ch Wolfmark Dizzy-Dazzler

Wolfmark Daiqury-Diva