I must admit that i´m not the best webupdater?! But I think my time with the dogs is more important instead of sitting in front of the computer;-)
So now I´ll try to make a short update of all things that has happend ;-) And if I forget to update certain things it doesn´t mean that we don´t do it , we do it ALL ;-)

This was the first winter the youngsters could make theri debut in the sledteam, I am so proud of them, full of energy and a smile on their faces they took on their task. They are very promising and wants to make a good job AND they have the brains to be calm and think before they act, just like I want them to be.

Training to stand STILL on just command, not so easy for the young ones. That is something thats important for me.  IF you go on a longer trip and something happens and some dogs get "free" from the harness , do they run away or can you stop them by command ?;-)

Wolfmark Silver Bullit Baby Aka Silva  and owner Marti has done so well this spring with antoher set of titles ....She is now AD BH NorwCh Wolfmark Silver Bullit Baby ....We call her BB (Brain & Beauty)

Wolfmark She´s All That Aka Smilla has done a excellent job in the showrings , she has now 7 BOB in a row and 2 x BIG, 2 x BIG 2, 1 BIG 3 and 1 BIG 4...Oh my ! Congratulations to owner Mariza Lyngmark ;-) And now they (Smilla, Warga and Winter) are in training for this winters sledtrips.

Wolfmark Celebrity of the Year  aka Calle made his debut on a International show and he did very well , a BOS and CACIB on his first try only beaten by Smilla who went BOB. Wolfmark So far so good Aka Jaeger did also very well at a finnish international show and also went BOS and Cacib after Smilla.

Wolfmark Call me Classy aka Godis became today BIS at a open show. Congratulations to Lina and Godis .

Wolfmark Current Edition aka Eddie has earlier won both BIS and BIS brace on open shows , congratulations to Emmelie and Eddie !

SO, now i stop for this time ! Take care and be nice to your dogs .

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