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    Ny sida


    Ändrar lite grann...ni kan nu följa mer aktivt denna sida via www.wolfmark.blogg.se

    Det är mycket info som saknas på denna sida och jag beklagar det , men tiden för uppdateringar har inte funnits .
    Nu tar vi nya tag och provar ovan länk, den fylls på med mer saker .

    tack för besöket !

    Mvh Mats 


    Update ! some new stuff :-)


    Finally had some time to update the web with, pics, news and so on...more to come ;-)




    I must admit that i´m not the best webupdater?! But I think my time with the dogs is more important instead of sitting in front of the computer;-)
    So now I´ll try to make a short update of all things that has happend ;-) And if I forget to update certain things it doesn´t mean that we don´t do it , we do it ALL ;-)

    This was the first winter the youngsters could make theri debut in the sledteam, I am so proud of them, full of energy and a smile on their faces they took on their task. They are very promising and wants to make a good job AND they have the brains to be calm and think before they act, just like I want them to be.

    Training to stand STILL on just command, not so easy for the young ones. That is something thats important for me.  IF you go on a longer trip and something happens and some dogs get "free" from the harness , do they run away or can you stop them by command ?;-)

    Wolfmark Silver Bullit Baby Aka Silva  and owner Marti has done so well this spring with antoher set of titles ....She is now AD BH NorwCh Wolfmark Silver Bullit Baby ....We call her BB (Brain & Beauty)

    Wolfmark She´s All That Aka Smilla has done a excellent job in the showrings , she has now 7 BOB in a row and 2 x BIG, 2 x BIG 2, 1 BIG 3 and 1 BIG 4...Oh my ! Congratulations to owner Mariza Lyngmark ;-) And now they (Smilla, Warga and Winter) are in training for this winters sledtrips.

    Wolfmark Celebrity of the Year  aka Calle made his debut on a International show and he did very well , a BOS and CACIB on his first try only beaten by Smilla who went BOB. Wolfmark So far so good Aka Jaeger did also very well at a finnish international show and also went BOS and Cacib after Smilla.

    Wolfmark Call me Classy aka Godis became today BIS at a open show. Congratulations to Lina and Godis .

    Wolfmark Current Edition aka Eddie has earlier won both BIS and BIS brace on open shows , congratulations to Emmelie and Eddie !

    SO, now i stop for this time ! Take care and be nice to your dogs .


    Out for a walk


    Some pictures from this spring . Enjoy!


    NEWS - Wolfmark on the top!

    Late updates as always but now i´ll make an effort to make up lost time.

           Multi Ch Wolfmark Double-O-Seven Aka Cisco BOB and BEST IN GROUP,
    what a track record he has this year. We´ve been on 6 SKC INT shows
    (approx 1500 to 3000 dogs every show) and he has a BOB on every show,

    6 x SKC shows
    6 x BOB
    5 x BIG,
    1 x BIG3,
        1 x BEST in Show,
           1 x BEST In Show 2,
    1 x BEST In Show 3 ...
         He ´s something extra !;-)

    Cisco wins the 5 BIG on 6 shows!

    Gala Show "Norrbottens Vackraste Hund 2011"

    A winner show for the dogs owned by persons who lives in the northern region.As always it was a very nice show with much people and the finals are always something extra! This show has also VID dogs (Very important dogs) 2 dogs from every group that are the most winning dogs from SKC shows during the year, these VID dogs are directly qualified to the evening finals. Other dogs compete on the day show and the groupwinners and runner up´s are then also qualified for the evening finals. The finals are in a match show , 2 dogs meet on a big stage and one wins and compete with other winners until only two dogs remains ...the Winner and Runner up. Since Cisco won this "title" twice 2009 and 2010 we didn´t had so much hope but instead we hoped for the others.....
    So...how did it go?

    Best of breed competiton

    Ch Wolfmark Born to be Wild BOS
    Ch Wolfmark Dolce-Vita BOB and later on BIG and in the finals !!!!!
    Wolfmark She´s all that Bf 2

    The Puppy breed competition

    Wolfmark Celebrity of the year AKA Calle BOB puppy - BEST IN SHOW puppy and later on WINNER of Norrbottens Vackraste Valp 2011!!!!
    Wolfmark Current Edition AKA Eddie Bm2 Pup
    And a special one was Carillo Spirit o the wild , Willes daughter who also won Puppy class 1 and later on BIS2 puppy...congratulations to owner and dog!

    Calle , Wolfmark Celebrity of the year

    Wolfmark breeder group went ALL the way and was Norrbottens vackraste uppfödargrupp 2011...A big Thanks to all the handlers !!!!

    The FINALS!
    The evening ended with Cisco for the third time in a row as the winner of Norrbottens Vackraste hund 2011 !!! AND something even more ...his sister Vita was the RUNNER UP! two SH in the finals and placed as 1 and 2 ....it was something special! Thank you Ann-sofie "handler" and all the judges !

    Results Norway SORTLAND x2 dog show.

    Wolfmark So far so Good AKA Jaeger and his sister Wolfmark She´s All that AKA Smilla,
    has been on a trip to try to get the Cac ´s for the title later on ..

    DAY1 Norway

    Wolfmark She´s All that  (Cac)
    Wolfmark So Far So Good (Cac)

    DAY 2 Norway

    BEST OF BREED (no finals -long trip home)
    Wolfmark She´s All that  (Cac)
    Wolfmark So Far So Good (Cac)

    It was a very easy way home ;-)
    4 Certificates on 2 dogs in one weekend ....Thanks for all the help Mariza (owner of Smilla)

    Jaeger on the pic, groomed for the shows in Norway.

    More news from Norway

    Wolfmark Silver Bullit Baby has now passed the working/endurance test with the title AD
    She is to date the ONLY SH with that title
    Good work and congratulations to both Marit and Silva

    AND now we´re waiting for the snow to come so we can train properly with the sled, Wille is tired of this mud!


    Many showresults and some other .....

    Late update!!!!!'

    Multich Wolfmark Double o Seven Aka Cisco , did excellent at the SKC international Show in Pitea, BOB, BIG and BEST IN SHOW 2 .

    Wolfmark Silver Bullit Baby Aka Silva, was shown at NKC International show in Tromso , Result CAC Cacib and BOB ...woohooo!

    Wolfmark Eternal Flame Aka Wilda entered the show ring in Steinkjer Norway and took home the Cac , BOB and BIG and Norwegian Champion!!!

    Also Wolfmark Current Edition, Wolfmark Cant get enough and 2 x Wolfmark Call me classy has won BEST IN SHOW puppy !!!!!!!



    I have big problems with my email so all of you that has tried to contact and not got an answer, please send a new mail!!!!!!!  


    BEST IN SHOW 3 at INT SKC show Vannas

    Cisco did it this weekend , after wining the BOB , he managed to win the group and ended up as nr 3 in the big BIS final.

    Thank you all judges and supporters!



    Cisco posing as Groupwinner at SKC Int show Vännäs , Judge Nina Karlsdotter.


    Cisco and me running in the best of breed competion!



    National show Överkalix BIS for CISCO

    Lastest shownews National SKC Show. The youngsters Wolfmark So far so Good aka Jaeger and Wolfmark She´s All that aka Smilla has debuted in the show ring, Jaeger was 2 best male with CAC and Smilla was BOS and with CAC... Multich Wolfmark Double O Seven AKA Cisco was BOB...and then BIG...and after a while he was ....BEST IN SHOW !!!!What a day!!
    Thank you all judges we are so happy.

    Zorica Salijevic Breed and Group judge

    Nina Karlsdotter BIS judge.



    New pics pups 5 weeks

    Here´s some casual pics of the pups , running around.


    New pics of the pups

    Look under puppies link or under archive for more pics.

    These are the latest, first time outside 4 w.



    New pics- Puppies 2 weeks

    Here´s some new pics of the little bunch.

    If you are interested of a puppy from Wolfmark please send an email and we´ll answer you back.



    Puppy pictures 10 days old

    Puppies from Vita and Yepper :



    Puppy pictures- 2 days


    New Champion at Wolfmark, Wolfmark Born to Be Wild

    Hurray!!! Wille was yesterday New Norwegian Champion only 2½ years old , 5 Cac in a row .......


    Puppy news.

    Vita AKA CH Wolfmark Dolce Vita has been bred with CH Hay-Je-Ho Yepper Depper and she is bigger then ever. Hopefully we have some small paws in 2 weeks.

    Both of the parents are checked Ok on both Eye and Hip.


    Updates are few these days, more info and photos on FB.


    We will soon start our show season on a couple of weeks THEN hopefully we have some more intersting news.



    Take Care !



    Latest Shownews Kajaani Int + Misc

    Latest Shownews 20100109- Where is the best place to have a birthday party, my birthday ;-)- at a dogsshow - Kajaani International show -

    Wolfmark Double-o-Seven Cacib BOB and BIG3 , Wolfmark Dizzy Dazzler Cacib and BOS and NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!

    What a great birthday!!!! ;-)


    What a nice show with great people around the ring , much dogtalk ! Hope to see you again new and old friends.


    And finally Vita has started her season so hopefully we will have some small paws in the house in a couple of months.




    NVH 2010- Norrbottens Winner 2010

    Wolfmark had 5 dogs in the show,

    Wolfmark She´s All that "Smilla" -puppy

    Wolfmark So Far so Good "Jaeger"- puppy

    MultiCh Wolfmark Dolce VIta "Vita"- adult class

    Multich Wolfmark Double-O-Seven "Cisco"- VID -very imprtant dog especially invited directly to the galafinale at night since he was the top winning dog of grp 5 . (19 other dogs were invited)

    Multich Taymyrs R you Sirius "Scully"-veteran class


    They day started for the youngster and they did so well since they have so little show expcerince , Smilla ended up BOS and Jager BOB and BIS 3 pup ..all with excellent critics.

    Vita won BOB and WON the group, she won the "golden" ticket to the evening final (2 dogs from every group gets a ticket ) ...cisco was already qualified as a VID. Vita should later on meet almost 40 dogs in a match show on a big stage.

    Scully the old lady freestyled with no leash in the ring and won BOB veteran and later on charmed the judged to a BIS Veteran - and NVH Veteran WINNER 2010 


    In the evening Vita ended up (i think ) as split 3rd only passed by a beatiful Kommondor who placed 2nd.

    Cisco did it ALL THE WAY AND WAS BEST IN SHOW - and NVH WINNER 2010






    New litter planned

    See more under puppies!


    Show news Norway Nat and Int Show

    Multi Champion Wolfmark Double-o-Seven , BOB both days and BIG2 first day, we didn´t stay to the finals since we had a long drive home .

    Wolfmark Born to be Wild , 2 CAC and 1 Cacib, the only dog who was in front was Cisco . On the Int show Wille and Cisco was the only males that got Exc.

    Wille has now on 4 shows 4 CAC and 2 Cacib , WOW!!!

    Little Silva Wolfmark Silver Bullet Baby was on here first Puppyshow and was BOB Puppy and 2nd in the finals , what a debut !!!!


    We are so happy and pleased with the results ! Thank you to all the judges and all new friends.

    See ya!!!!






    Long time since latest update!


    My new pups from the latest litter is growing and develops very good , and thank you to all my super puppy byers that take so good care of their new familymembers.


    We are planning some show in the near future so hopefully I´ll have some showresults to write about.

    Below is a pic og Smilla 7 months on showtraining, there we´ll be more pics of the others to.




    Update Scully photo


    Wille - new picture

    Added a new pic from the "woods".


    Many updates

    After many requests I´ll finally took the time to update the Wolfmark site.

    So whats new?



    Multi champion Wolfmark Double-O-seven AKA Cisco has been to 3 show and he´s won all 3 of them with 3BOB, BOG4, BOG3 and a BOG and BEST IN SHOW 3..


    Multichampion Wolfmark Dolce-Vita AKA Vita has also been to the same shows and ended up as BOS the only dog who won over her was her litter brother Cisco.


    The Newbie Wolfmark Born to be Wild , 22 month had his debut this summer and is shown twice, he was a true showman and took both the Certificates and one Cacib. He was best male 2 both times only "passed" by his older kennel friend Cisco.. Good boy!


    The NEW Newbie Wolfmark So Far So Good AKA Jaeger 5months has been to 2 puppy shows ...results ...2 BEST IN SHOW of 2 possible...Soon he will earn his own gallery section....Very proud of the little dog with the big personality.New pics of him below...




    Grand old Lady MultiChampion Taymyrs R you Sirius AKA Scully has also been in the ring .......from veteran class she charmed the judge to a BEST IN SHOW Veteran ....In the BIS final she was showed with no leash .......the showgirl is back !!!!



    New pictures in the THE DOGS page , Loke, Indra, VIta , Scully new pics, Wille has finally got his own gallery.  

    See more under the link The Dogs.


    I´ll try to update more frequently......





    Sally looking for new home

    I have a little girl named Sally that wants to have a new pet home.

    A very dear and nice female that is curious about everthing.

    If you have the right home you can contact me by mail and tell more about you and your life.





    New pics of pups


    Puppies 6 weeks


    New pics of Puppies +3 weeks


    New puppy pics 3 weeks


    Puppies +2weeks

    Mother Ch Wolfmark Dizzy Dazzler

    Father Trishamars Naked gun


    2 weeks pups...sleeping as usual


    New pics of the pups

    Almost 1 week old ....



    Puppies updated

    Pedigree of new litter on the web!


    Waiting for puppies

    Ch Wolfmark Dizzy Dazzler and Trishamars Naked Gun is the proud parents.


    We are expecting the litter week 7.


    Indra is doing well and is growing and growing .

    Thank you to Tykkis owner Satu.




    to Loke, Siivo, Balder and Wilda on their birthday...

    3 years today!

    Hurray hurray huray!!!!!!


    Norrbottens Vackraste Hund 2009

    This weekend we participated in the special dogshow " Norrbottens Vackraste Hund ". This dogshow is not as a regular dogshow, during the show in daytime 2 finalists from each group (BIG 1 & 2) wins a "ticket" to the fancy dinner in the evening, the winners from the day will meet some of the most winning dogs during the year in a match show. The most winning dogs have special invitaions because of their merits, Wolfmark Double-O-Seven was one of the special invited dogs. Wolfmark Dolce-Vita entered the "dayshow" and ended up as BOB and BIG 1...?!! Now there was 2 Wolfmark dogs in the big final !!!!!

    And the results ....

    Wolfmark Dolce-Vita did so well and ended up as 4th dog in the final of 40..

    Wolfmark Double-O-Seven did even better and ended up as NORRBOTTENS VACKRASTE HUND 2009 and BIS 1 ......


    Link to article in a daily newspaper http://www.kuriren.nu/nyheter/artikel.aspx?articleid=5142778 



    KBHW-09 and Int Show Brondby Denmark

    Wolfmark Double-o-seven AKA Cisco has been to a double int. show in Denmark.

    Cisco was BOB both days and ended up as BIG2.


    So now he has two new titles to his collection.

    Copenhagen winner 2009 and Danish champion..

    Thank you all for a very nice stay !



    Casual pic of Wille 11 months


    Wille 11 months


    Wolfmark Eternal Flame AKA Wilda Show Norway

    Lina and Wilda has been to Norway and made some really good results ,

    Wilda  Cac, BOB and Best of group 2

    Congratulations from us!!!

    Hopefully we will have some pictures soon...


    National Show ALFTA BEST IN SHOW again!

    To this show only Cisco was entered.

    Last year Cisco made the whole weekend by becoming BEST IN SHOW at this show, so just for the fun of it I tought that i would be nice to try to defend the title.
    So ..after a cold night in a tent on the show area (we came late that night) we warmed up with a BOB. We had nice talks with other huskyowners and had a very pleasent stay during the day.In the best in group final Cisco put on a show and managed to "charm" the judge ...he was placed as the group winner ...oooops !!!
    Since we hadn´t booked any room we had a little problem, NO TENT again ...so after a while with help from nice people we had a perfect accomodation over the night...Thanks for all the help- you know who you are ;-).  Sunday started with rain and ended with even more rain ! We were pretty nervous when only Cisco and a nice bedlington terrier was left to place......We both stood outside the ring and was supposed to run 1 lap around the showring before the winner would be announced........Bedlington first in the ring and then Cisco with full speed and with one ear I heard -.......the winner and BEST IN SHOW isssssssss........ssssssssssiberian husky !!!!!!

    Multi ch Wolfmark Double-o-Seven BOB BIG and BEST IN SHOW
    2 times in a row on the same show!!!!!

    We are walking on clouds!
    Thanks to all the judges and all the people who work at the show, we´ll be back ;-)
    Approx 2000 dogs entered



    Speciality show Swedish polardog club (NEW PICS)

    4 dogs entered from Wolfmark kennel

    Cisco best male and BOS

    Indra not placed in best female
    Dusty 2nd best female
    Vita best female and BEST IN SHOW !!!!!!!

    Wolfmark Breeders group ......BEST IN SHOW !!!!

    I really can´t belive this !?


    International Show Pitea

    4 dogs from Wolfmark was entered to this show and I can´t complain on the results !!

    Indra best female and BOS
    Vita 2nd best female
    Dusty 3rd best female
    all excellent .....and a daughter from chino was placed as 4th best bitch

    Cisco was best male and BOB ......

    Wolfmark breeder group was awarded excellent and was qualified for the final!!!!

    Rebecca Johansson showed Dusty to BIS in juniorhandlin ...congratulations to her !!!;-)

    Wolfmark Breedergroup was later on BEST IN SHOW!!!!

    Cisco won the BEST IN GROUP .......and BEST IN SHOW
    Total about 2200 dogs entered !!


    National Show Vannas 14 June

    Again Cisco made a excellent result....He was on his "showy" mood and won the breed again and ended up as BOG3.

    With rain and a "cool" breeze ...(cold as ****) we were happy and tired when we went home.

    Congratulations to Sofie Lonn and Harley who became BOG both days and BIS2 and BIS3 ...good work! ;-)




    International show Vannas 13 June

    Over 2300 dogs entered.

    Ch Wolfmark Double-O-Seven AKA Cisco was the only dog from Wolfmark that entered and he made very good results.

    EXC. CACIB BOB and BOG 2 ......in the final a Basenji with Sofie lonn in the leash won the group and ended up as BIS2..



    National Show Pitea

    Wolfmark Double-O-Seven AKA Cisco has been to another show this weekend and the result?

    Saturday BOB and BEST OF GROUP

    Sunday  BEST IN SHOW-3

    Photo by cellphone : Yasmine Bergh - Cisco winning BOG




    Photo Cisco winning BOG at Int show Stockholm

    Photo: Kennel Tjottes



    Stockholm International

    Short update ...pics and more  comes later  ;-)


    Wolfmark Eternal Flame Exc Bb4

    Ch Wolfmark Double-O-Seven BOB and Best in Group!



    As usual ....hm ...strange way to start the news but this time it´s "as usual" ;-)

    Wolfmark Eternal Flame AKA Wilda and her owner Lina has been to another show and the result was BEST IN SHOW-3 .

    Congratulations again from all of us !



    Latest Shownews

    Wolfmark Eternal Flame BOB, BOG and Best In Show ...in Ostersund on a all breed open show.


    Ch Wolfmark Double-O-Seven Bm 3 Exc in Malmo international   


    Wolfmark Eternal Flame AKA Wilda

    ...and her human mother Lina , competed in "Republikens Hund 2009" in Ostersund , a competition where only former winners from 2008 could enter.

    They did as usually wery well and was place on 4 place of all the dogs ....Congratulations from all of us !!!


    Wille and Flinga "the girl next door"

    Some casual pics of the youngsters. Flinga is my neighbours dog, she is a Dansk-Svensk Gårdshund, a very cute and spirited little dog.

    The lady with "red legs" is my neighbour Lilian, the owner of Lilimars kennel .



    Wolfmark Double-O-Seven aka Cisco new proud father !

    A new year and new pups! Cisco is now a proud father of 3 ...

    1 grey female.

    1 black female.

    1 grey male.

    Good luck to Annika an the pups from all of us ,



    Wolfmark Born to be Wild AKA Wille

    Some casual pics of Wille. 10 weeks old .



    New pic of "Ask" and "mother" Veronica


    New pic of Wilda

    Wilda and her reward after training some tracking.


    Wolfmark Eternal Flame

    Wolfmark Eternal Flame AKA Wilda has had her eyes checked - Result Eyes - OK


    Pictures of the pups .

    New pics of the gangsta´s - 6 weeks old .See them on the puppies page .


    New links

    New Links to Wilda and Balder, try the new links from my Links page


    Pictures of the pups!

    More pics on the Puppies page ...4 weeks


    New pictures of Cisco

    Picture gallery updated with a photo session from this summer.

    Fredrik Ljungberg (www.olikabilder.se) was the photograph,

    -Thank you so much for the nice pictures!



    New puppy pictures

    Finally some puppy pictures.

    They are 3 weeks on the pics, see more under "Puppies"  link

    Photo: Malin Vallström


    international Show Tromso Norway **CHAMPION**


    Ch Wolfmark Double-O-Seven "Cisco" and his sister Wolfmark Dizzy-Dazzler "Indra" had made the day on the National,

    how should it go in the International all breed show ?

    Cisco - Exc BOB
    Indra - Exc Cc and BOS - *** NEW NORWEGIAN CHAMPION***


    They made a double !!! Since we had "only" 700km home we decided to go home before the finals !




    National Show Tromso Norway


    Ch Wolfmark Double-O-Sven "Cisco" and his sister Wolfmark Dizzy-Dazzler "Indra" made the

    700km long trip to Tromso to compete at the national all breed show.


    Cisco -  Exc BOB and Best in group

    Indra  - Exc Cc and BOS


    Indra has only one more Cc to finish her Norwegian chamionship !!!!


    Pics of the pups



    Puppies born

    The proud mother Dusty has now delivered some newbies to the world

    1 Black/White Male

    1 Grey/White Male

    1 Grey/White Female


    Dusty is tired but is still going strong ...


    New pics of Storm AKA ”Skaite”

    Pics of the father to the new litter.




    Photo Lisa Werndin


    International Askersund

    3087 dogs entered

    Ch Wolfmark Double-O-seven BOB BIG BEST IN SHOW-4


    New pics from international Ostersund


    2156 dogs entered

    BOS Wolfmark Dizzy Dazzler

    BOB BIG BIS4 CH Wolfmark Double-O-Seven

    Best bitch-3 Exc Wolfmark Eternal Flame (not in pic)



    Photo Annika Nilsson.


    BIS Photo from National Alfta



    Photo Sofie Lönn


    To be BIS with one of the homebreds is a very special feeling!

    The written words from the judge ...

    "To the BEST this day! Wonderful! - Ann Hearn"


    International Gallivare

    Ch Wolfmark Double-O-seven BOB

    Wolfmark Extraterrestrial Edition VG

    Ch Wolfmark Dolce-Vita BOS

    Wolfmark Dizzy-Dazzler BB2 Certificate Cacib


    4 of 14 got excellent.


    Open show Hoverberg

    Everybody knows the multifunctional dog known as Wilda has been to a open show…



    Wolfmark Eternal Flame BIR BOG BIS

    Congratulations !!!



    International Vannas

    3 dogs from Wolfmark entered the show with excellent results...

    Ch Wolfmark Double-O-seven blev BOS … 


    Ch Wolfmark Diamond-n-Dust Exc Bb-2

    Ch Wolfmark Dolce-Vita Cacib BOB BIG -2




    Vita BOB BIG2 and new International champion


    Internationell Trondheim

    Wolfmark Eternal Flame aka Wilda....

    Lina and Wilda has done it again - Certificate, Cacib BOB and BIG3..



    International Pitea

    2426 dogs entered

    Ch Wolfmark Double-O-seven BOB BIG & BEST IN SHOW 3

    Wolfmark Extraterrestrial Edition "CrazyLuke" CERTIFICATE CACIB BM-2

    Ch Wolfmark Diamond-n-Dust ck CACIB BOS “NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION”

    Ch Wolfmark Dolce-Vita ck Res cacib Bb-2


    Hey what a day ! ;-)


    National Sundsvall

    Wolfmark Eternal Flame aka Wilda Certificate BOS


    I´m very proud!!!


    International utställning Harstad

    Ch Wolfmark Double-O-seven BOB

    Wolfmark Extraterrestrial Edition ck CAC CACIB BM-2

    Wolfmark Dizzy Dazzler CAC CACIB BOS


    International Stockholm

    Wolfmark Eternal Flame Exc BB-2


    National Fauske – Norway 16/17

    Intuch Eeuch Nuch Sv-07 Eujrw-06 Baltw-06 Nordjw-05 Finw-05

    Wolfmark Duoble-O-Seven aka Cisco


    Wolfmark Diamond-n-Dust aka Dusty




    Wolfmark Extraterrestrial Edition aka Loke

    DAY1 : Exc CAC BM2

    DAY2 : 1 and HP

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